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1st Time Buyers

First Time Buyers

Buying a home can be a very exciting and emotional experience; after all itís probably one of the biggest purchases someone makes over their lifetime. Usually, this will also come with one of the biggest loans youíll ever sign for-A Mortgage. Such a historic event should be treated cautiously, and with an approach that helps you understand the process, the timeline, the different forms involved, and agency just to name a few.

So many buyers start the buying process, and their relationship with a phone call to a listing Realtor to see a home they have listed. WRONG. Something so important should be treated just that way. We strongly encourage all first time buyers to interview a handful of Realtors to help determine who can best represent your needs, educate you to the process, and make you feel comfortable from start to finish.


Buyer Consultation

  • Educate you to the market.
  • Familiarize you to the purchasing process.
  • Help you understand the different forms and scenarios involved in a purchase, for example: What happens when there are competing offers?
  • Discuss Agency Laws, and how they can affect you.
  • Establish a time line for your purchase.
  • Set Realistic expectations and goals for your purchase.
  • Make a commitment to each other and get started.
  • Learn your buying needs and criteria.


Arranging Financing

  • Because we are uniquely integrated, we can also help you with your mortgage. Nathan is an accredited mortgage broker, so his expertise extends beyond real estate and is able to help you with your mortgage needs as well.
  • There is less margin for error when one party is handling all the real estate and mortgage paperwork due to improved communications and the cost savings are passed on to our clients $$$.


Property Search

  • MLS, New Homes, For Sale by Owners and Pocket Listings.
  • We arrange all appointments and provide you with information on the properties.
  • Automatic MLS email system to help keep your eye on the market.
  • Once we understand your needs and wants, we will talk about each property and preview the home before showing it to ensure it meets your needs and that we do not waste your time.

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First Time Buyers

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