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Why Use a Mortgage Broker (Mortgage Associate-in Alberta)

Unless you're paying in cash, your mortgage could be one of the largest financial arrangements you make in your life time. Such a big commitment deserves the care and attention of qualified professionals. A mortgage associate can provide valuable advice on lenders, interest rates, mortgage terms, amortization and more. With the multitude of mortgage products available today this expertise can help pin point a product that meets your needs, timeline, and investment goals. The right solution on such a large transaction could save you thousands of dollars, so let a mortgage associate put a plan into action for you!

Most individuals would not invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the stock market without professional advice, so why arrange a mortgage for that amount without the advice of a professional?

So what exactly is a Mortgage Broker?

A Mortgage Associate acts independently of banks and lenders, providing their services to individuals who seek not only professional expertise, but also the benefit of multiple product offerings. Because a mortgage associate is not employed by one bank or lender, they have the ability to find mortgage products from a variety of different lending sources. This means individuals using the services of a mortgage associate are not restricted to the limited products and service of one lending institution or bank; instead they enjoy a vast array or products to choose from.

A mortgage associate will analyze your situation and needs based on such things as credit, employment, and timeline. Each individual has certain needs and circumstances that will determine the best mortgage product for his/her situation; a mortgage associate will help uncover the facts needed to provide you with a mortgage solution that makes the most sense for you.

In addition to arranging your mortgage a mortgage associate will facilitate your experience by providing guidance on all aspects of the mortgage process. This includes explanation and interpretation of mortgage terms and conditions; help providing the lender with the correct paperwork; advice on interest rates, amortization and pre-payment privileges. Obtaining a mortgage without the benefits and experience of a mortgage associate could cost you money.

It's a good idea to use a mortgage broker/associate; here's why!

  • Trained professionals and deal with mortgages every day
  • Up to date information on rates and product changes
  • Educated on structuring mortgages around you needs and time line
  • Access to multiple lending sources and products
  • Independent advice on mortgage products and solutions
  • Access to the best rates available
  • Experience helping people just like you
  • Act faster than the bureaucratic organizations like banks
  • Hours are more flexible than those of bankers
  • Help you plan for your next purchase staring today
  • Save you money by helping you make informed decisions

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