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Nathan Zacharias is a Real Estate & Mortgage Associate based in Calgary, Alberta that provides services for people and companies buying and selling real estate. His background allows him to help on many levels by taking an integrated approach to our service provision and marketing.

Nathan Zacharias heads up his group and is licensed in the Province of Alberta to trade in real estate and mortgages. His roots stem back to Saskatchewan where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan with Majors in finance and marketing. This education along with being a 3rd generation Realtor helped him establish a presence in the Calgary market upon arriving in 2002.

Our Approach
We strive to create business relationships that last a lifetime! It's simple; we pride on doing a great job each and every time we enter into a business relationship. Understanding any process is important in its success; by maintaining contact and educating our clients each step of the way, they remain informed and confident in their decisions. Providing solutions and services to meet your goals is what we like to do, and it's what we do best!

Uniquely Integrated, what does this mean?

For a buyer, it might mean that we can help them with both their mortgage and real estate purchase and handle all elements of the deal. This integration makes for effective communication, more timely transfer of information and can even save you money!

For a seller, this means our marketing is not one dimensional. Instead, because our services extend beyond just a real estate purchase or sales, we have increased traffic and awareness as a result of this integrated marketing system. It's easy to see how people seeking mortgage pre-approvals will be shopping for a house, why not expose them to your home!

For an Investor, our daily interaction in business, as well as marketing efforts turn up interesting opportunities every day. Timing is everything when investing, and because more than often we come across these opportunities first, our investors can act fast. For new investors our knowledge can explain and organize both financing and acquisition strategies. Whether you are interested in investing in a single rental, a multi-family building, or lending private money secured by real estate, Nathan and his team can help!

In a nut shell it means that we use a multitude of efforts and techniques to provide results for our clients. AND IT WORKS!

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