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Join our investor watch¯ list of people. When opportunities matching your requests present themselves we will notify you. Buying revenue properties? Flipping? We help our clients with these transactions, and develop commission plans that help improve profits. Pre-Sale investment opportunities, joint venture possibilities

How we've helped Past Clients Make Money Investing in Real Estate

"Nathan was marketing a 48 unit townhome complex in Marda Loop back in 2003 when he called me about a pre-sale opportunity. I bought 3 units in the complex and made more than $300,000 when I sold them. I'll continue to look at the opportunities Nathan finds for me."

Travis Heide, Traverse Developments

"Nathan was involved in the sales of a 161 unit high rise in Calgary's beltline and he explained the transition happening that would influence future prices. I got in with 2.5% down, which at the time was $4,700 and I made $150,000 2 years later."

Undisclosed, Calgary, Alberta

Pre-Sale Purchases
When a new project is taken on we usually offer our client's first crack at a select few suits that we open up to investors before the rest are sold to the public. This equates to early selection, pre sale pricing, and in a good market great return on investment. We're always watching what's going on and come across other opportunities across the city.

Fix & Flips
When we come across a home that has this potential we call our investors to come and view it. We help find opportunities, and we also handle the sales for our investor friends. On occasion we'll coordinate or arrange for trades etc. that will do the necessary work.

Revenue Properties
We help find revenue properties that make sense. On larger multi-unit complex's we will consult on the numbers and the feasibility of the purchase. Because we deal in mortgages we can also find unique financing opportunities.

First time investors will enjoy the thoroughness of our service, as we add value to the process wherever we can.

Property Management
We do not currently do property management at this time. We will contact any clients that have potential renters as a favor to our clients, but cannot manage specific properties.

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