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Why Use A Realtor?

For many people buying a home is the largest investment of their life. Such a big commitment deserves the care and attention of qualified professionals. A Realtor can provide valuable advice on both buying and selling real estate. Using a Realtors services can facilitate your purchase/sale process, ensure your decision is based on quality information, and ultimately save you time and money on the purchase or sale of your home.

You don't fill a cavity without a dentist, so why buy or sell a home without the services of a Realtor?

What exactly is a Realtor?
Realtors are trained professionals specialized in real estate transactions. Realtors are self governed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta and operate under a strict code of ethics in place by their local board (I.E. Calgary Real Estate Board).

Realtors must belong to a brokerage such as Real Estate Professionals. Other common franchised brokerages are RE/MAX, or Century 21. All transactions are documented through the brokerage, including the holding of any deposits on real estate purchases which are usually held in the brokerages trust account.

Not all industry members are Realtors, which means they may be licensed to trade in real estate, but not bound by the code of ethics of their local board, and in addition may not have access to the residential or commercial MLS systems.

It's a good idea to use a Realtor; here's why!

  • Full access to The MLS system (including sale prices and property history)
  • Facilitate real estate transactions everyday
  • Majority of all homes in Calgary are sold by Realtors; approximately 96%!
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Help assemble your team of professionals. For example: Lawyers, Home Inspectors, Contractors, Cleaners, Septic Inspectors and Mortgage Brokers
  • Seasoned in all types of purchase scenarios
  • Inside information on developments, pockets listings or communities
  • Negotiating experience is put to work on your behalf
  • Access to legal forms and other important information
  • Arrange all appointments when buying or selling
  • Have sound input on floor plans, and the marketability of your home
  • Take care of tedious paper work so you do not have to
  • Save you money $$$

Are all Realtors the Same?
NO, NO, NO! Remember there are over 5,000 licensed Realtors in Calgary and each Realtor will have different levels of training, expertise and specialties. It's important that you find a professional that you can communicate with, and one who has the ability to provide the necessary services required for your situation. The first step in finding a Realtor is arranging an interview to discuss your needs so that you can establish a working relationship that's a good fit, and know that your Realtor is qualified to the job!

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