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Know someone that needs a Mortgage Broker or Realtor?


The best news is that you could be  PAID A REFERRAL FEE!!! Iíve always thought that a thank you is great, but lacking substance. Gift certificates are good, but they sometimes get lost, or even fail to get activated property.


Changes to the Real Estate Act have allowed it, and now Iím doing it! Hereís how Iím structuring the referrals from non industry members that are sent my way:.


         MORTGAGES DEALS - Westhills Mortgage Center Inc. is PAYING:


     5% of the total Finderís Fee



How Does it Work?

Itís simple, if you send me a client, and Iím able to help arrange their mortgage or negotiate a real estate deal, you will receive a cheque from my mortgage brokerage usually within 2 weeks of the transaction completing.


Should you really want to help your friend out with more than just great service, consider donating your referral fee towards their closing costs!




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