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ZERO Down Payment Mortgage/No Money Down Mortgage


Really? YES, YES, YES it is still possible to purchase real estate in Canada without having your own down payment. Just because things have changed in the last few years doesnít mean that all the great mortgage products are gone! There are still a number of options available for buyers that have not saved their down payment for a mortgage.

Some of the highlights of the FREE Down Payment Mortgage:

         If you have good credit and a stable income, but no down payment you are eligible

         You are not required to use RRSPís

         You are not required to borrow from any other source, your down payment will come from the lender

         You only need to have enough money to pay for your closing costs. 1.5% of the purchase price is what the lenders like to see in savings

         Instead of savings $500/month for 2 years to purchase a condo at $240,000 you can buy today and take advantage of the current market conditions

         You will still receive a 5 or 7 year fixed rate mortgage hovering at 30 year lows


Why do you call it a FREE Down Payment Mortgage?

Thatís simple, because we will show you how to get the down payment you need from the bank!


There are other options and mortgage products that you can put to use as well. You may want to consider using a line of credit, credit card, family, a seller, RSPís that are used to get into a home, but, the most fun is GETTING YOUR DOWN PAYMENT FROM THE BANK!



Some highlights of the FLEX Down Payment Mortgage


         Allows borrowers with good credit and no down payment to borrow their shortfall

From a number of sources and to speed up the purchase process

         If you can borrow at a lower rate than your mortgage rate, then you can save yourself money on this portion of your loan

         You only need to prove that you can afford to borrow the down payment and the mortgage loan

         You can spend 2 years paying down your mortgage, instead of 2 years saving for your down payment. Based on $500/month savings for a $240,000 condo.

         You can choose from variable rate mortgages and fixed rate mortgages all at todayís historically low mortgage rates


If this sounds like you, call me, and Iíll help you get set up to purchase a home with nothing more than proof of closing costs in your bank account!



No Money Down Mortgage/ Zero Down Payment Mortgage / Free Down Payment Mortgage


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